Tionna J. Cortez was born and raised in Washington D.C. She attended college at Pratt Munson Williams-Proctor and Pratt Institute with the major of Fine Arts painting. Now graduated from Pratt, Tionna works with various materials to narrate her attention to social realism and what it means to her. 

She works in oil paintings, drawings, and installations to convey the significance of what it means to interpret news, ethnic backgrounds, and her memories in art. The overall content of her work comes from an emotional connection between herself and the work and how it creates a conversation for people to talk about. Moments, when the public refuse or try to avoid certain topics, Tionna insists on creating work that creates a conversation where the audience are asked to share their opinions or feelings.

Exhibitions she has participated in are Utica Library Show 2016, Pratt Sophomore show 2016, RAW 2018, and I Remember...show 2020. Tionna hopes to achieve as an artist to create more work, apply for residences locally and internationally, and to teach others.


Pratt Munson Williams- Proctor Institute of Art 2014-2016
Pratt Institute 2017-2020 


  • 2021 Black Girl Art Show
  • 2021 Rhizome DC
  • 2020- Willow Street Gallery Insider Art Fair- Juried Show
  • 2020- Pratt Institute Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition
  • 2018-RAW showcase 
  • 2018- Advance Drawing Installation Open Studios
  • 2017- Drawing Installation Open Studios
  • 2016- Munson Williams- Proctor Sophomore Exhibition
  • 2016- Utica Public Library Exhibition (winner)
  • 2016- 14 Cottage Sophomore Show

Awards & Scholarships

2019-2020 The Black Alumni of Pratt

2014-2020 President Lists

2020-Silver Braids and Pratt Circle Awards

2017-2020- President List at Pratt Institute

2016- Best in Show at Utica Public Library 

2014-2016- Pratt MWP Merit Scholarship

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